Dave Chaffey Speaking Topics

Dave provides a range of Keynote talks and business workshops, all aimed at established business owners seeking growth and new opportunities.   Audience participation is encouraged in the keynote talks and essential in the workshops. Presentations can be geared towards a particular audience or industry type if required.

Trapping a Bear

The mindset to achieve something remarkable.

Success in today’s disruptive environment requires a shift in mindset; an entrepreneurial approach that embraces change, creates opportunity, and requires the flexibility to move quickly when the time is right.

In this keynote, Dave Chaffey’s gives a tell-all account of the challenges, frustrations and pitfalls of his own entrepreneurial journey. His stories are real and raw, and show a side of success based on grittiness, luck, and an ability to never let go.

Dave outlines the key traits linked to success and explores how a shift in mindset can drive your company’s growth and open up the possibilities of achieving something remarkable.

Lastly, he sets out the path through which any business can innovate, scale and disrupt.

Survival of the Fastest

An exciting and inspiring look at a range of emerging business technologies and digital marketing trends that even the biggest technophobes will understand.

Hear the widely agreed predictions for the small and medium size business landscape of fie years from now. And learn how you can take advantages of the incredible opportunities that will arise in the in the coming few years.

  • New tech means new opportunities – the rundown
  • How consumers will consume, in 2025
  • When disruption hits you hard
    • Four stages of industry decline
    • Four indicators that you’ll move beyond
  • Investing in tech – where’s the smart money going
  • Riding on the coat-tails of the next Facebook, Amazon, and Google

A Well-Weaponed Digital Crusade

Take an eye opening look at some amazing tools, tactics, and techniques used by successful Digital Marketing as Dave Chaffey opens the lid on the endless box of tricks that he and his team use to drive businesses into the spotlight.

  • Quick wins for business visibility
  • Exploring niche markets to find big fish
  • The 5 tools (that no-one is using) to put in your armoury
  • Some really clever techniques that get results
  • Stop press – the new opportunities on the horizon

Bringing an Idea to Life.

An excerpt from Thomas Edison’s Playbook

Have you had an amazing idea for the latest app or website? Take a refreshingly candid look through the end-to-end process of taking an idea and turning into a million dollars.  Dave takes the audience on a journey, covering all of the wins and pitfalls of turning an idea into reality.

  • Does your idea stack up?
  • From idea to prototype – the hard yards
  • Getting investors on board
  • Developing and commercialising an idea
  • Taking it to market in a big way
  • When a buyer comes knocking (and they will)

Inventive Ways to Make Money on the Net

Dave takes the audience on a fascinating journey through some of the most ingenious ways that entrepreneurs have made a living from the internet.  With boundless enthusiasm, and a deep knowledge, this is an eye opening experience.

  • Google Search or Google’s Opinion?  Which way is it heading?
  • Any way you can to drive customers to your door
  • Facebook is the new black – how to exploit it!
  • A new customer base through YouTube
  • Your website still matters – time to review.
  • What’s ahead in the next 12 months